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  Why do you do this?
  Is this legal?
  Why don't all Realtors do this?
  What do other Realtors think about this?
  What does it cost?
  How does it work?
  What if the builder doesn't pay a real estate commission?
  What areas do you work in?
  Can you sell my house too?
  How do I go about getting a loan?
  What's the next step?

  Why do you do this?
3 reasons.
1. To make it easier and cheaper to own a home. That's why I got into this business in the first place.
2. To make sure everyone buying a house is represented. Lots of people buy their homes from builders and don't know about the real estate commission.
3. As a manager of a mortgage company I would appreciate a shot at getting you your mortgage. You are under no obligation to get your mortgage from my company but I guarantee you can't get a better deal anywhere else. But if you want to get your mortgage somewhere else that is not a problem, and no hard feelings.

  Is this legal ?
Yes. The law doesn't want anyone giving kickbacks. Those are illegal. But my giving you part of my commission is legal as long as we disclose it. All parties involved should know we are doing this and I will make sure they do.

  Why don't all Realtors do this?
According to the National Association of Realtors, the average Realtor makes $7,000 a year. If I was making only $7,000 a year I wouldn't give away any of it either. But my mortgage income keeps my family fed so I can afford to give you 2% cash back.

  What do other Realtors think about this?
They hate it. Ask another Realtor about it and they will tell you I am ruining the market. That I am doing this because I need the business, or that you will get inferior service.

I am not worried about ruining the market and neither should you be. This does bring me business, but you will not get inferior service. I have more experience in this business than the majority of Realtors out there. I have sold several homes and have tons of satisfied clients. If I wasn't good at what I do, I wouldn't be as successful as I am.

  What does it cost?
Absolutely nothing. You don't have to pay me anything. In fact, I will pay you. How does this sound?

  How does it work?
It's simple. After you decide to buy a new house you contact me. There is a form that needs to be signed by you and also by me. You have to show this form to the builders when you go to see their models. This form also guarantees that you will get 2/3 of my commission rebated back to you at closing. Then all you need to do is find the right model, by your chosen builder, in your favorite neighborhood. Call me before you sign the contract and we will make sure that everything goes smoothly.

  What if the builder doesn't pay a real estate commission?
Not all builders pay the 3% buyers side commission. Some pay less than 3%, some don't pay anything. If they pay less that 3%, I will give you two thirds of what they pay me. If they don't pay anything, I will still help you if you need it, but I won't be able to pay you anything.

  What areas do you work in?
Your house can be anywhere in Texas, but we specialize in Houston and its surrounding areas.

  Can you sell my house too?
Of course we can. In fact, click here to read about our sales services where you can save even more money.

  How do I go about getting a loan?
Click here to find out.

  Whats the next step?
Click here to find out.

Jesse Elliott got a rebate of $2,934!

Daniel Stidham saved $4,138!

Attony Wilson got $4,418 back!

Tamara Simon saved $2,658!

Ali Mustafa got rebated $7,400!

Piar Momin got $6,542!

James Gandi made $2,428!

La Sandra Melveaux got a rebate of $5,468!

Ernesto Maniego saved $2,746!

Neelum Nawab got $2,224!

Rolando Rubio made $2,350!

Farhan Shaikh saved $3,510!

Stephen Johnson got $2,426!

Bina Saleh got back $3,850!

Anthony Lawson made $2,016!

Manoj Kaul got a rebate of $2,588!

Sabiha Kidwai saved $2,350!

Baber Kahn Saved $3,816!

John Tumuno Made $3,698!

Gene Hoekstra got back $6,012!

Hussain Budhwani got back a whopping $4,090!

And that's just a few.

How much can you save?

"At first I didn't believe it, so I had Abby sign an agreement that he would give me 2% back at the closing. And he did.
Thanks so much."
- Allen Sams

"Abby gave me back $5,261 at closing. That bought us alot of furniture!"
- Alex Carr

"You would think that since Abby is giving the majority of the commission to us, that the service would not be as good as the full price agents. But you would be totally wrong. I have bought 4 houses before and Abby was by far the most knowledgable and competent and all the agents I have ever used.
- Sayeed Ali

"As an investor, it pays to have a real estate expert in my corner. Even the best investors need help from time to time, and Abby has always been there to help me out of a jam. I call him even before I call my real estate attorney.
-Ameen Kamadia

"Your service is phenomenal! I loved it. Where else can you get a better deal? I have already told several of my friends about you and I will continue to do so. I still can't believe how much money I saved. It's lucky for me that our paths crossed."
-Daniel Stidham

"Abby worked with us through the whole process of buying our first home. It was so wonderful to have the negotiations and the mortgage taken care of by one person."
- Robert Proctor.

"As an investor, I look for properties myself. Then I use Abby as my Realtor. I save money every time!"
- Raul Gonzalez .

"Abby, your service was so amazing, I have already told my family and co-workers about it. I can't stop talking baout it. Thank you so so much!"
- Jean Uribe.

"If you are buying a house, you must use Abby. You can't beat the deal he's giving you."
- Roland Armstrong.

"We were trying to buy a house for over a year, but couldn't save enough money. Getting 2% back let us buy our house 4 months ahead of scedule!"
- Cynthia Greer.


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